Hawke Endurance ED Digiscope Adapter - 64021


  • £44.50

Hawke digi-scope adaptor for Hawke Endurance ED  20-60x85 Spotting Scope.

  • Height with lid down - 70mm

  • Height with lid extended - 82mm

  • Inside diameter - 53mm

  • Outside diameter - 59mm

  • Window height - 33mm


  1. Unscrew and remove the eyepiece from the spotting scope

  2. Unscrew the side-screws on the digi-scope adaptor

  3. Separate the digi-scope adaptor into two halves; smaller top and larger bottom

  4. Place the eyepiece inside of the bottom half of the adaptor

  5. With the eyepiece inside the bottom half of the adaptor, reattach the eyepiece onto the spottingscope by screwing it on

  6. Reattach the top half of the digi-scope adaptor over the top of the eyepiece. Take care to ensure

    the attachment screw lines up correctly with the recessed groove on the digi-scope adaptor.

  7. Tighten both screws on the digi-scope adaptor to securely fasten in place.

• You can vary the height of the adaptor according to whether you have the eyepiece twist-up
mechanism up or down.

A camera specific T2 ring will be needed to t the digi-scope adaptor to the camera.