Storm 60 Astronomical Telescope

Storm 60 Astronomical Telescope


  • £62.99

This is a good quality Telescope and suitable for adults or children. This telescope is suitable for astronomical and terrestrial use as it comes with a self erecting prism. It is quick and easy to set up and can be stored in its own carry case.

Tn the box you will find the telescope tube, tripod and accessory box containing the eyepieces and finder scope.

Take the telescope tube and tripod and join them together by removing the locating nut unit from the bottom of the telescope tube and fitting the screw thread assembly into the top of the tripod, then replace the threaded locating nut unit and hand tighten.

Then take the finder scope and slide it into the black mount block on top of the telescope. Next place the eyepiece into the eyepiece holder. Now the telescope is ready to use

Line up your telescope looking at something like a church tower or a weather vane, then look into the small finder scope, adjust the screws on the mount until when looking at the object the crosshairs are on the centre of the picture. The finder scope is now sighted in.

It is always a good idea to purchase a simple astronomy book to get you started. Never use a Scope or binoculars to view the sun as this can cause permanent eye damage!


Focal length =360mm


Maximum magnification 30x

Airspaced Achromatic Objective Lens With Multi -coating

Integral image erecting system

Eyepiece (0.965'''') H20mm, H12.5mm

3x20 Finderscope

Aluminium Optical Tube

Fast set-up Metal Alt/Azimuth Yoke mount ( ready assembled

What's in the box?

Soft carry bag

Finder Scope 3 x 20

Eyepiece H20mm

Eyepiece 12.5mm

Telescope Body

Tripod (ready assembled)