Visionary FirstView Table Top Telescope


  • £49.99

The Visionary FirstView Table Top Telescope is supplied with 2 eyepieces for different magnifications and a finderscope for easy point and view. It takes standard size eyepieces so you can upgrade at a later date and comes on a high quality dobsonian mount which is simple to use. It has accurate focusing and a 3" mirror for gathering light. This telescope is the clear choice for the new astronomer. Ideal as a present as it comes in a nice glossy box which should fit nicely on a bedroom window ledge or ideal for taking outside due to its small size and simplicity of use. Ready assembled in the box straight to your door.


Ideal Entry Level Astronomical Telescope

3" Mirror telescope with good quality dobsonian mount

Comes with a 4mm and a 12.5mm Eyepiece, Findersope

No tools needed. Ready and easy to use. Lightweight & portable table-top mount makes it easy to store and transport.

A good focal length of 300mm combined with a 76mm aperture


3" Mirror Telescope

D: 76mm

F: 300mm

12.5mm eyepieces (75x magnification)

4mm eyepiece (24x)